What is Performance Management?

Dr. Aubrey C. Daniels in the late 1970's coined the term to describe Performance as “The sum of behaviour and results which cannot be viewed as an independent component of each other”.

It's a forward looking process whereby performance appraisal (a term used a lot these days) is a backward looking process.

Are you having problems with Staff or Management?  Does everyone know what they should be doing? Do they know where your Company wants to be within the next 5 years? Do all Staff have KPI's? Do they know how to work towards their KPI's? Do they know how important they are in  achieving the Companies Strategic Plan?  If you answered no to any of these questions, Details Managemenet can help.

As a Continuous Improvement process, Details Management can develop and implement a Performance Management plan to suit your business, your staff and management.

Performance Management is about ensuring that your workforce understands what the organisation wants to achieve and the part they play in achieving that goal. Without your workforce fully understanding your strategy for success they don't know what part they have to play and how both you and they can benefit from success.

Performance Management systems need not be complicated or timely to manage. Part of the Performance Management system is linking the future needs of your organisation with the personal development plans of your workforce. Your Performance Management plan needs to show direct correlation between your organizations values, the strategic goal and your operational plan which impacts on your staff.

When Details Management comes into your organisation to help with Performance Management issues or to set up a new system, we start from the top, that is, your strategic plan and ensure your  goals, values and timelines are included in your staffs’ Performance Management Plans.  We set a goal for each Department. then individual goals for each staff member within those Departments.  Once all plans are agreed to, we train Managers and Staff on how the system works, how they can work towards achieving their goals and how they can benefit the organisation.

Six monthly or yearly, one on one meetings should be conducted between a staff member and their manager. These meetings should discuss what the expectations of the company are and how these expections lead towards their career paths. Adjustments can be made at anytime, the organisation or the employees do not have to wait until the performance meeting. Personal goals change and adjust just as the organisations change and adjust, on an as needs basis not just once a year.

A good performance management system means direct financial goals for your organisation through a motivated workforce and improved management practices. It means a career path for your employees and succession planning for you.

Click Here to get an example of how your business strategy leads in to a performance plan for your business and staff.