Managing people can be a major concern and can consume much time for all managers.

All organisations need to attract, retain and develop their people, in particular their Managers and Leaders. Your staff is your most valued and expensive asset and need to be recognised as your key to a successful business. No longer can your staff be placed into pre-aligned boxes, given a task and told to perform it. People are individuals and need to be treated as such. They have varying goals and values and the role of HR is ensuring your organisation and your staff 'fit'.

There are two functions to Human Resources. Human Resources Management (HRM) and Human Resource Development Management (HRDM).

HRM functions include Recruitment, Selection and Induction then Planning and managing your new and current staffs' performance. This includes permanent staff as well as part time, casual and contractors that represent and work for your organisation.

HRDM is what gives your organisation the competitive advantage. Having effective, skilled staff secures your and your staffs earnings and commitment to your goals and values. It is the key to the 'fit'.

The market for talented people is reducing as more and more people remain in their present positions because of good HR Management, they feel valued and are being up skilled. Bringing new people into your organisation does not just include recruitment but ensuring they are fully aware of what the need to do, you may need to develop them and they will take time to understand and hopefully fit into your organisations culture. Gone are the days when we could have staff who are multi taskers and you could afford to have them doing menial jobs until someone went on leave or had a sick day whereby they could step into their role and take over while they were away. Overstaffing is a thing of the past but you must also ensure that you are not understaffed for those unexpected moments.

We can help you build a good HR strategy for your particular organisation. We don't use 'off the shelf' products, we have extensive experience and the qualifications to ensure we set in place the most appropriate strategy for your organisation now and into the future.